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    What kind of car makes women most attractive? What does your car say about you? Well before I answer these questions, here is a little history lesson. Female driving in Nigeria started when Funmilayo Ransome Kuti first drove a vehicle and maybe somehow paved the way for other countless female-drivers which is part of our daily lives today. Female drivers are literally found in all spheres of life from regular driver-owners to commercial driving of cars and even full-size refuse trucks. However, in focus here isn’t the history and evolution of female drivers in Nigeria but on how the kind of cars women and girls drive can affect their appeal to the opposite sex.

    Worth mentioning are a few stereotypes when it comes to the impression people get when they spot a lady/woman driving a type of car. For instance, a lady driving a minivan like a Honda Odyssey or Toyota Sienna automatically gives off the impression that she is married with kids and is completely off-limit and off the market. In the same vein, very young ladies pushing mean full-sized SUVs like a Range Rover sport or Nissan Armanda give off very wrong signals as such gives people the impression they either are spoilt daddy’s girls or high-class call girls with sugar daddies.

    Either way below is a list of cars that make women most appealing.

    bmw 5seies

    5) Full size sedans/SUVs: ladies driving the 5-Series BMWs, the Mercedes Benz E-class, Toyota Venzas and the rest of them, seem to know exactly what they want. Boys claiming to be men will definitely find this very intimidating, but real men will find this quite refreshing. Not being married could raise a red flag especially if the lady in question is too young-maybe in her 20s.

    toyota tundra

    4) Full size trucks: powerful women ready to take up a challenge in an adventurous way flaunt their style with these mean looking trucks and this definitely turn heads.

    kia cerato

    3) Corporate cars: which are women driving mostly cooperate branded Toyota Corollas or Kia Ceratos etc. These women or ladies are painted as very independent, proud of their jobs and maybe strong. Such may indicate stability, responsibility and inner-drive of these women.

    nissan maxima

    2) Sport cars or cars with a sporty touch: you can’t wake up one day and ‘pimp’ your dad’s car, so unless she is burrowing her boyfriend’s car, chances are that it’s hers! Ladies driving sporty looking cars with say dark-rims and extended rear spoilers or fenders in most cases indicates readiness to mingle and affability. Mostly trendy and highly fashionable women drive these cars and guys find this quite attractive.

    toyota corolla

    1) Everyday cars: women driving the first-ladies(1990 Toyota Corollas), the EODs(2003 Honda Accord), the Toyota Matrixes, the Honda hallas are by far the most appealing set of ladies behind the wheel. This is because the regular guy feels that he has a chance. These easily ‘approachable’ set of driving women get hit on more than the others.

    So where do you belong?

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