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    The Nigerian Customs Service should take a cue

    This Austin Mini Cooper worth $20,000 was publicly crushed as a warning to illegal importers.Officials from the US Department of Homeland Security confiscated this Mini which has not been tested under US emissions and crash requirements. It was seized from the owners, who were awaiting delivery . Back here in Nigeria, our ailing automotive industry [...]

    5 Smart Vehicle Ownership Tips

    Saving up to buy a vehicle may take time and paying off a car loan requires a good level of self-discipline; these point straight to the fact that planning is a critical aspect of vehicle ownership. Before the actual purchase of your car, most of your planning activities will revolve around financing or saving up [...]

    The Berger Traffic solution in One Sketch

    Anyone living around the Ojudu-Berger axis of Lagos state or even beyond the boundaries of Lagos around the new emerging Ogun state mega-city is no stranger to the dreaded traffic along the Lagos-Ibadan express; especially at the popular Berger bus-stop- which should have never been allowed to be on the express in the first place. [...]

    Nigeria Auto Industry needs to start small

    By Akan Inyang. Nigeria undoubtedly has the potential to be the world’s most vibrant automobile manufacturing hub. The frustrated efforts of the past may have eluded the Nigerian automobile industry from growing at the pace of the global auto-scene; but nonetheless, there are lessons ought to have been learnt from the past. In as much [...]

    How to cut down driver distraction

    In reality the true penalty for getting distracted while driving is way beyond a fine of #30,000 when caught (in Lagos, Nigeria); in some fatal cases, it may be too late to argue whether you deliberately got distracted or not. Bottom-line, according to the Highway Code (which is an FRSC publication) the more distracted you [...]

    Road traffic is good business

    Nigeria is a unique nation! It’s very funny and may be amazing how developmental flaws are speedily capitalized upon by Nigerians to make money. In highly congested cities like Lagos and even along very busy inter-state routes, road traffic conditions are well-known to be spots you can grab a quick snack and even buy a [...]

    Used Vehicles import tariff increase; not the right solution

    Just of recent the Federal government through the Honourable Minister of Industry, Trade and Investment declared its intention to hike the tariff for the importation of second-hand cars just after the approval of the new automotive development plan by the Federal Executive Council. This in fact is a highly welcome move which if followed the through the [...]

    Use of speed limiters; the way out?

    The signs are more than glaring, what Nigerian road transporters and maybe motorist as a whole should expect anytime soon is the enforcement of the use of speed limiting devices to tackle over-speeding. This process seems to be in top gear as we’ve witnessed various stakeholders forums on this issue (speed limiting device enforcement) in [...]

    Criminalizing poor vehicle Maintenance Attitude

    Just last week, I witnessed a commercial Mazda bus’ left rear tyre pull off from the wheel hub assembly; fortunately, the vehicle wasn’t moving too quickly at approximately 50-60km/hr and the bus headed towards the right end of the bridge till it came to a halt owing to the tremendous frictional force between the brake [...]

    How Nigerians are responsible for Road damage

    It’s always very easy and maybe fun filled to throw all the blame on the Nigerian government when it comes to the state of Nigerian roads even when we share part of the blame as well. Most roads are built to last for 25years or slightly more depending on the quality of materials used and the accompanying road attributes like adequate drainage and [...]

    Analyzing the Effects of Road Blocks In Nigeria

    By Akan Inyang The need for Nigerians to be safeguarded in the best way possible creates a vacuum which should be filled, not at the detriment of the same Nigerians supposedly safeguarded. Below is a brief appraisal of how all involved parties are affected by the existence of roadblocks or more appropriately, checkpoints. Without doubt, [...]

    4 reasons Okada ban in Lagos won’t solve anything

    I happen to have been on both sides of the table; either by getting quickly to places on time by using commercial motorcycles –popularly known as ‘Okada’ here in Nigeria-or having to condone motorcycles when behind the wheel as a motorist. As a matter of fact, commercial motorcycles here in Nigeria can be likened to [...]

    Time to go electric!

    Coming back to Nigeria after leaving for a while is hardly without optimistic expectations; the last thing anyone will want to first come across is a rickety, smoky mobile contraption presented to you as an airport shuttle in one of Africa’s largest airports and Nigeria’s pride-the Murutala Muhammad Airport Lagos. It’s not hard to imagine [...]

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