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    Create a lasting impression and connect with your customers

      Are you a business owner thinking of a cost-effective way to promote your products and services? Without a doubt, corporate jotters provide a unique and dependable avenue to truly market your product and give your business brand a real face. We design and print quality jotters for businesses and our key priority is your [...]

    How to make CA$H as an Auto-Detailer

    Do you consider yourself meticulous or may be slightly fastidious? Then you just might love this activity which involves cleaning and polishing very intricate portions of car interiors like air vents, steering knobs, leather-seats, cock-pits etc. Modern day auto-detailing goes beyond car interiors as car body (including wheels and tyres) waxing and polishing could be [...]

    How standard pricing can help local mechanics

    Generally, the issue of most automobile mechanics not upholding firm standards in going about their businesses is not just peculiar to under-developed or developing African nations; it is a global issue. However, it seems the case is worse here with a fair chunk of Nigerian automobile service businesses operating with vague standards. The main standard [...]

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