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    7 ways to spot an experienced Lagos driver

    Ever heard the saying that if you can drive in Lagos that you can drive anywhere in the world? I bet drivers in Dominican Republic or Niue island may disagree but the truth is driving in Lagos has a myriad of avoidable complexities. As much as it may be difficult to substantiate, I can boldly [...]

    Amazing facts why Nigerians love Japanese cars

    When compared with the French Peugeot  or the German Volkswagen and Mercedes-Benz, the loved and well embraced Toyota, Nissan and Honda of our time are late comers to the Nigerian automobile market. This is a fact people barely remember owing to the current wave of Japmobiles-Japanese cars-in Nigeria. The shift in the demand for more Japanese [...]

    Funny things Nigerian motorist do to save money

    As confirmed by several individuals I have engaged that reside outside Nigeria, our roads hold a real potential for a new niche which should be rightly termed as ‘road tourism’. There is hardly ever a dull moment whilst driving on Nigerian roads as you would be kept amazed by several stunning road acts. However, beyond [...]

    Motoring Essentials Nigeria (Volume 1)

    Do you know your driving and maintenance basics well? You don’t need to be an encyclopedia of all the technical jargons with regards to automobiles for you to adequately take care of your car. All you really need are basic details to forestall vehicle breakdown and significantly cut down expenses in the course of owning [...]

    Benz celebrates 35th anniversary of the G-Wagon as Gunther Holtorf completes a 26year world tour with the same G-Wagon

    So much rave has surrounded this remarkable German machine as it hits a tremendous milestone of undiluted class and ruggedness. Mercedes-Benz is celebrating the 35th anniversary of the rugged G-Class wagon with a limited-edition model dubbed 35 Edition. The unveiling of this new stunner comes just a few days after Gunther Holtorf –a former manager at Lufthansa-wrapped [...]

    Tips for Cars over 10years

    More than 90% of passenger vehicles on Nigerian roads are imported used vehicles with at least 5-figure odometer readings; unlike wine, cars don’t get better with age as their maintenance requirements changes as the mileage clock spins. The frequency of these necessary maintenance procedures varies depending on how and where vehicles are driven. A typical [...]

    How Nigerians encourage Sub-standard car spare-parts

    Nigeria is one country that hugely depends on imported spare-parts (more than 95% of automobile spare-parts are imported according to the Standard organization of Nigeria, SON), hence the volume of locally manufactured car parts is almost negligible owing(partly) to the highly vibrant automobile retail market here in this West-African business hub. The Nigerian automobile spare-part [...]

    What Women need to know about their Cars

    Women’s greatest fear behind the wheel may just happen to be the blaring horns of heavy trucks trying to find their way past other motorist, but in reality this should be the least worry of the average lady folk that owns and drives her vehicle. There are several other aspects women need to pay more [...]

    When to Dump that engine

    Vehicle engines are amazing electro- mechanical units which send power to the wheels to set your car in motion-I guess we all know this. But what most might fail to recognize is that vehicle engines never come with specified and rigid life spans when in active use-engines are very likely to last as long as [...]

    Tips for Extended tyre life

    Do you know properly used tyres can last as long as 40,000km in active use? This might sound vaguely true for vehicle owners that pay very little attention to proper tyre care. Tyres significantly take up most of the road stresses induced on the vehicle; this explains why inflated rubber remains the best option for [...]

    Mercedes V12 engine Replica

    After 9months of detailed artistry by Eric van Hove and his team of 35 master craftsmen- from various regions in Morocco- the result is this V12 Laraki which is a replica of a Mercedes V12 engine. According to thisiscollosal.com, artist Eric van Hove headed to Morocco on receiving a Cda-Projects Grant to build this detailed art work made [...]

    7 Smart Driving tips

    You know that sensation when you feel you would have done it better than he/she did? Or maybe you feel grossly dissatisfied even when everyone else feels you are getting it right? That’s your ‘smart’ gene at work! Everybody might be driving and getting from one point to the other; but how does one optimize [...]

    The Ultimate Online Car purchase Guide

    In the 21st century, searching and subsequently buying cars from online car vendors is by far the most convenient method of acquiring the car or vehicles of your choice. As opposed to going from one showroom to the other, online shopping affords you the flexibility of researching and adequately assessing several vendors before any meaningful [...]

    How close is too close to the Steering?

    Quite a number of arguments surround the actual safe distance from the steering wheel whilst driving, but at the same time factors like the driver’s height, level of driving experience and vehicle cock-pit orientation dictate the distance drivers keep from the steering. However, in the middle of all these considerations, is there any generally acceptable [...]

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