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    Classic of the week: The VW Beetle

    The Beetle is popularly known for its rear-located, rear-wheel drive and air-cooled four-cylinder, boxer engine in a two-door monococuque featuring a flat front windscreen, capable of accommodating five passengers. One striking design feature of the beetle was its luggage storage which was under the front bonnet and behind the rear seat; as old as the car is, [...]

    Drive&Learn:Cooling Fans care

    Cooling fans are an essential part of the car’s cooling system which helps maintain favourable engine operating temperatures by improving the radiator’s effectiveness. There are two kinds of fans installed in cars, which are the push and the pull fan, both have different positions which allow swift transfer of heat to the environment from the [...]


    It’s quite easy to slot your car keys in and drive your car all alone without red flags and all the fuss, but before the results of all the years of continuous experimentation and technological advancement, cars weren’t trusted and safe to drive in; driving and being driven was left for the brave. Way back [...]

    Joke of the week

        A man leaves a bar, gets into his car and drives away. 200 yards further he’s stopped by a police officer. Officer: “Good evening sir. We’re testing drivers for drunken driving. Would you please blow into this machine?” Man: “I’m sorry, I can’t do that. I have asthma. If I blow on that [...]

    Car & Money Series 1: BUYING THE RIGHT WAY

    Buying a car could be as simple as going to a dealer’s car-lot, selecting the car of your choice, negotiating and finally paying the agreed amount before zooming off with your newest acquisition. However, buying the ‘right’ car is never easy, especially for a first time car buyer. The interesting thing about purchasing a car [...]

    The Beauty of Tokunbo Cars

    Why are imported fairly used-cars in Nigeria referred to as ‘tokunbo’ cars in the first place? I guess that’s a million dollar question which unfortunately this article isn’t going to answer. But nonetheless, several angles of the topic will be well analyzed to inform both intending car buyers and current car owners about the gains [...]

    Give your Car a Fresh Start

    A new year has just began, which can also be seen as an opportunity to look into areas of your car. Most people begin the year by trying to adhere to their earlier drafted ‘New Year resolutions’; while some subscribe to the psychological exercise of ‘turning a new leaf’. Either way, what these two similar [...]

    8 Ways to make your Car interior a Haven

      As you explore factors and features which can help you create that car interior haven you desire, one advice you shouldn’t fail to heed to is that, ‘for your car interior to even come close to being your haven, it has to be an extension of your home’. This means creating a haven in [...]

    The use of Car Air-conditioners; a Health Hazard?

    As we all might know, properly functioning air conditioners do more than merely reducing our car’s inner cabin temperature. These devices offer substantial protection of car occupants by supplying better purified air. This is as a result of the different filtration processes draught air from the environment undergoes before being conditioned to desired temperatures. These [...]

    Top Sedans that will Rock 2013

    5. 2012/2013 Toyota Camry: Front wheel drive, full-size sedan with up to six trims powered by 2.5L 4-cylinder and 3.5L 6-cylinder engines. Transmission options include 6-speed Automatic and manual gearboxes. Why it will rock? First unveiled in July 2011 and on its second lap, the Camry without a doubt is still a leader; as can [...]

    How to have Fun on a Road Trip

    The Christmas season is here again; this time of the year is characterized by a lot of road/vehicular movements across the nation. If you happen to plan on going on one of these interstate swings, here is just how to have fun while at it: Carry out the regular checks on your car before you [...]

    17 Funny Driving Facts

      1) If you ever want to drink and drive, simply take a cab to an arcade center. 2) In Warri (Delta state, Nigeria) cars are referred to as ‘iron’. 3) 90% of Mobile offices in Nigeria are owned by driving schools. 4) An average policeman wants to be feared and ‘appreciated’. 5) An average [...]

    EXPOSED!!!How Toyota Engines are Re-Built in Ladipo

      Have you ever had to change your 2.4litres 2AZ-FE aluminium Toyota engine made for Toyota car models like the XV30 Toyota Camry ‘Big Daddy’ (2002-2006), 2003 Highlander, 2002 Avalon, Avensis, RAV4 and so on? Chances are that half your engine is actually made of cast iron engine block (5S-FE) extracted from older models(less than [...]

    Common Car Purchase ‘Traps’ in Nigeria

      Buying a car can be seen as a very important decision which ideally, should require careful fact-finding research based on true individual preferences. But unfortunately, here in Nigeria you hardly find people parting ways with money after having painstakingly gone through the selection process; most are already convinced about which car to buy based [...]

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