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    Surviving Congested City Driving

    When the topic of congested cities is brought up here in Nigeria, the first city that comes to mind is Lagos. Up North we have densely populated cities like Kano and Kaduna with their peculiar traffic issues, while in the Niger Delta region we have cities like Port-harcourt, Uyo and Calabar where activities in those [...]

    FUELLING 101: Proven Ways to Avoid Fuel stations’ rip-off!

    Nigeria is the largest exporter of crude-oil in Africa and yet the local Petroleum scene is ridden by inefficiencies and poor regulating which have not only led to dependence on imported refined fuel, but has made the business climate unattractive for prospective investors to tap into areas other than the key exploration of crude-oil. One [...]

    What’s your drive style?

      This is an interesting exploration of different individuals behind the wheel and the type of activities that surround their entire motoring, spanning from basic driving patterns to their perceived maintenance ideology. Not left out are some fun facts about people in relation to driving, as well as underlying reasons behind these peculiar motoring traits. [...]

    Auto-Upgrades that don’t really ‘Upgrade’

    It’s hardly a crime to play around with features that might fit with our cars, as long as we perceive such as upgrades. Stock/standard features of cars are never enough, that is why you will always find one upgrade or the other, but as we all might agree, not all of these upgrades create the [...]

    13 Useful Car quotes and facts

    1) ‘Our rule of thumb is that every 10psi loss in inflation pressure leads to 1% loss in miles per gallon’. [John Kotanides of Goodyear innovation centre] 2) Noisy power steering pumps are as good as gone. 3) An automobile engine will last as long as you want it to-at least in most cases not [...]

    4 Things you need if you are stuck in mud

    The ‘ember’ months are here again; this time of the year in this part of the world is well known for a lot of road trips and higher rate of movement basically. Also, as much as the rains have substantially reduced over here in the south-western part of Nigeria, it is however heating up in [...]

    4 Kinds of Mechanics to Avoid

    Nigerian mechanics can be so dramatic, according to Mr Tayo, an Insurance broker, one problem facing Nigerian car owners is not the fact that good mechanics price high, but the fact that even the ones pricing high and are supposed to be the ‘good mechanics’ barely know what they are doing. Without a doubt, I [...]

    Criteria for a first Car pick

    Average cost of running/maintenance vs. Your budget: Before you make a grave decision, make sure these two parameters match up evenly. Different cars have different numbers which is quite expected, some car’s spare-parts are relatively more expensive but are not that durable. On the other hand, some really expensive spare parts are that way because [...]

    Where do you park your vehicle?

    We all know for a fact that where we park our vehicles is important, but on taking a closer look, we were able to uncover some factors we might not have been taking cognizance of in our choice of parking spaces. In some cases we have the full liberty to chose where to park our [...]


    Rule1: Don’t inconvenience other road users by obstructing free flow of traffic. The world doesn’t revolve around you; by intentionally blocking the road, neither do you achieve drawing sympathy to your situation nor showcase the severity of your scuffle. It only simply shows how desperate you are, unless the level of impact totally renders your [...]

    Top 5 Ugly car habits

    A bad habit is something we might not necessarily be proud of, but somehow we still find ourselves in the same loop over and over. In this article, some of these wrong motoring practices will be highlighted. Also accounted for are the root causes behind a wide range of petty actions that might easily go [...]

    Getting the best from your local mechanic

    Local low-skilled mechanics in Africa (like the ones in Nigeria popularly called road-side mechanics) still remain the popular option even in spite of their glaring shortcomings in skill level, adaptation to new car trends and general sophistication. The driving force behind this high level patronage is their low service charges, which still stands out as [...]

    #Quick-fact: Effects of weak springs and struts on steering

      When your shock absorbers and springs are weak, it’s barely alarming; besides a little discomfort below is hardly a reason to be very bothered. Honestly speaking, that’s a big lie! You might want to sacrifice a little comfort in the stead of replacing these crucial suspension components, but in essence you just might be [...]

    5 Culprits behind irregular wheel vibrations

      CV (constant velocity) Joints and bearings: This particular culprit is borne out of not being sensitive or totally not paying regular attention to your car’s needs. CV joints are widely employed in front-wheel cars and if the concealing boot of this unit is physically torn on the outside, it hampers lubrication on the inside. [...]

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