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    4 Disadvantages of low Petrol prices

    This may seem like a totally insane article, but like they say ‘there is no perfect solution’. The current dip in the global price of crude oil which is edging close to $40 per barrel has been felt by consumers around the globe in so many ways. Like in the US, 2015 has been themed [...]

    Are you an Automatic Gearbox Wrecker?

    In reality who will really want to wreck his or her gearbox? I guess no one, unless you plan running an expensive experiment with some bizarre targets or objectives in mind. With that said, automatic gearboxes are more sensitive than the less heavier, stick driven manual gearboxes which give more room for internal part replacements. [...]

    Tips for driving under intense Sunlight

    Having to deal with the intensity of sunlight here in Africa is inevitable. When it comes to vehicles and driving under intense sunlight, there are a few suggestions which can be handy in making our God-given sunlight less of a worry. In several cases intense sunlight -which seems to have gotten more critical of very [...]

    8 rules for replacing Engines or Gearboxes in Nigeria

    How good is your engine and gearbox? That’s always the first question that springs up in ascertaining the current state of any vehicle, because replacing vehicle engines or gearboxes are relatively expensive and tasking procedures. Selection of the best auto-technician for such a complex activity isn’t merely about how experienced a mechanic might be, as [...]

    Hidden benefits of Wheel Rotation

    Ever been stranded on the road with a flat tyre just because you couldn’t unscrew your wheel nuts? An assured way to prevent your wheel nuts from stiffening is to rotate your tyres periodically. It sounds strange but it happens all the time and at such moments even muscles and abs can’t save you. But [...]

    Old Car tricks that still apply

    With all the flashing LED lights and automated vehicle controls, one may be tempted to think cars have completely changed and hence should be handled differently. However, that isn’t completely true. Even when it comes to advanced troubleshooting, the most sophisticated OBDII scanners in the hands of inexperienced mechanics are nothing but expensive toys because [...]

    What every Car needs

    WHAT EVERY CAR NEEDS You asked for it and now you have it! Autobase Africa has been around for more than a year now, and in this short period we have studied local motoring trends and upheld vehicle maintenance attitudes of car owners on this part of the globe. After thorough and detailed analysis of data we [...]

    3 Reasons to Stay-off Substandard Brake-pads & Rotors

    The choices we make when it comes to our cars affects even our basic living and goes a long way to dictate how certain aspects of our lives play out. The same applies when it comes to common decisions like the type of brake-pads we buy, how frequently we change these parts and even capital [...]

    How far can ‘Rewires’ really go?

    >>>>On one of my many trips along the Lagos-Ibadan expressway I noticed people gathered around a very sleek car when I was close to the Motorways plaza. From the little I could deduce it was clear that an erroneously induced electrical fire was abated and subdued. The surprising fact here was that the vehicle in [...]

    The truth about Aluminium Car Engines

    The facts We have seen the vast applications of aluminium in the production of cars; a notable example is in the 2013 Range Rover where its all-aluminium monocoque shed 39-percent of the SUV’s body weight in comparison with the outgoing steel Range Rover. The clear advantages of adopting lighter aluminium (in comparison with steel) in [...]

    How to make your car age quickly

    Buy and later investigate: This is a classic case of putting the cart before the horse, which also can be seen as the first and easiest way to create a solid path to wrecking your car as quickly as possible. As observed over time, suddenly experiencing normal car issues that demand spendings unusual to you- [...]

    Why Mechanics remove car thermostats

    In modern cars, a bad thermostat can trigger the ‘check engine’ notification, it is this way because these mechanical valves now have electronic ties which make them part and parcel of your car’s entire engine management system. With that said, why do mechanics suggest the complete removal of these crucial components even when they are [...]

    High-end cars with disturbing sounds

    The ultimate motive behind procuring a high-end car is added luxury. Relatively more expensive cars provide better occupant luxury, protection and as expected, with powerful engines owing to more ‘horses’ trapped under the bonnet. The prowling engine sounds made by these vehicles in motion can be really hard to miss, but these days, these supposedly [...]

    Things that can go wrong in modern D.I.Y(do it yourself) practice

    I see people spend sums of money to acquire OBDII scanners as if that’s a fool proof alternative or substitute for quality technical care. Without a doubt, the D.I.Y (do it yourself) curve has been on a steady decline over the years, with this reality what do you think has been a quick ascent? Naturally, [...]

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