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    Swapping in sets vs. Swapping singly

    It might even seem fundamentally right to you; instead of changing the complete set of 4engine-mounts you go ahead and change just two and in some very weird cases, just one ;also in the case shock absorbers, typical car owners will rather swap the two worst affected shock-absorbers and leave the rest to be replaced [...]

    Local Car Maintenance Criteria [L.C.M.C]

    This categorization embodies several useful parameters that suggest the type of maintenance required for several cars. Not left aside, are the classes of personnel necessary to carry out basic and complex repair and maintenance procedures on several cars. Also in consideration is the average cost of spare-parts and general availability of spare-parts for specific cars [...]

    Average running cost for cars [A.R.C]

    This figure is based on the computation of the projected cost of running a typical automobile over a 1year span. The parameters involved in bringing together this figure are based on very basic needs and demands of running a vehicle on an average day to day basis. The average annual mileage (especially for city driving) [...]

    Truth about radiator coolants

    It’s quite common to find most car radiators on the road today filled with just water as most motorist don’t deem it necessary to use coolants. This pattern has a little history behind it which unfortunately, is traceable to stereotypic Nigerian mechanic practices over the years. Most claim addition of these coolants to radiators is [...]

    More facts about OBDII Scanning

    The advent of OBDII scanning ushered in ease, allowing auto-technicians to simply plug-in and run diagnosis to uncover identified problems in a short frame of time. As opposed to conventional trial and error techniques, this method of diagnosis doesn’t fully depend on experience and documentation of re-occurring car problems over the years. In this technological [...]

    Diagonal wheel tightening sequence

    The topic sounds more like ‘the first five lessons of Kun-fu’ or ‘the graphical tales of a Cyborg’. It’s not hard to tell, I am a movie fan. This tightening pattern applies even when using sophisticated torque wrenches or God-given muscles and elbow to tighten your wheels after replacing your tyres. In more complex technical [...]

    Catalyst are not useless!

    Had to use this caption to get your attention because over here in Nigeria, catalytic converters are recognized as ‘catalysts’. Who needs a catalytic converter anyway? It increases back pressure and reduces engine power yet it is connected to exhaust pipes; what exactly is it doing there? Lots of questions and here are the answers. Newer [...]

    Basic Brake system care

    You need brakes to bring your car to a complete halt or reduce its speed in a controlled manner. For wannabe racers, this feature is necessary for negotiating corners. So what can possibly go wrong with bad or improperly functioning brakes? Well, the worst case scenario is a fatal accident and possible loss of your [...]

    When to ignore the ‘check engine’ light

    Technological advancements in automotive engineering have brought about the inevitable integration of computers with traditionally fully mechanical systems in cars. The reason behind this can be attributed to the ease computer systems usher into basic driving and maintenance; a trend that has been glaringly replicated in other facets of our basic living. So when you [...]

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