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    Making money as a Neighborhood Mechanic

    Establishing the premise:  An average Nigerian isn’t maintenance conscious when it comes to the affairs of   the cars they own, they make up excuses like high cost of maintaining these cars, the lack of time to carry out maintenance procedures and unavailability of good and trustworthy mechanics. This might actually be true in some [...]

    The Untapped Business of Car parking Lots in Lagos

    The facts: The business of car parking globally can be described as a lucrative one; according to IPI (International Parking Institute), the U.S. parking industry generates more than $25-30 billion in gross parking revenues; also in South Africa it is said that the parking industry contributes to their gross domestic product, GDP(more than 8%). Also [...]

    The perks of running a mechanic workshop

    Owning an automobile garage can proof to be a steady source of income if well managed. The key requirements for success in this business is to stay consistent (proving dependable) and also adopting very recent trends in automobile technical practice. To build a successful venture like in every other business area, you primarily need a [...]


    A lot of negative tales surround the largely prevailing road-side mechanics. The common reasons behind these are their relatively low skill level also and adamant resistance to the wind of change-which has created some technical complexities requiring more technical knowledge to deal with today’s sophisticated car systems. But just like every other human related activity [...]

    Smart boss; impaired business growth?

    Most small scale businesses within Nigeria’s automotive industry from the onset are driven by ideas and sheer determination of one principal individual. But to sustain a company, you just can’t get enough from one individual because long-lasting companies are built by collaborative efforts of several people under the right mentorship and leadership. After having gone [...]

    How standard pricing can help local mechanics

    Generally, the issue of most automobile mechanics not upholding firm standards in going about their businesses is not just peculiar to under-developed or developing African nations; it is a global issue. However, it seems the case is worse here with a fair chunk of Nigerian automobile service businesses operating with vague standards. The main standard [...]

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