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    Rolls Royce motors lands in Coscharis motors

    Just when there are strong indications that the next Rolls-Royce Phantom re-design in 2016 will be based on the BMW 7-Series architecture, Cosharis motors, West-Africa’s largest distributor of BMW cars recently added the premium Rolls Royce (motor cars) to their many brands like Ford, Landrover Jaguar, etc. Coscharis motors confirmed this business alliance in the [...]

    2014 Dodge Durango

    The bold and gallant Dodge Durango is confirmed to go on sale at the end of the third quarter of 2013 (in U.S and later in other regions). Key features of this SUV are its powerful 3.6l V6 engine rated at 290 hp, also its eight-speed automatic transmission, its five-inch Uconnect Touch screen (with a [...]

    2015 Mercedes-Benz GLA-Class

      Mercedes Benz redefines the compact crossver SUV with the all-new GLA-Class which can be described as the baby sister of the GLK-Class in the Mercedes-Benz’s lineup. In the warm-up for its official release at the Frankfurt Motor Show (next month), pictures and specifications were released. With the standard front-wheel-drive, the GLA clearly takes a cue [...]

    5 Kinds Nigerian Drivers to keep off!

      Do you drive in Nigeria? Here is a quick download of the various kinds of drivers to keep off whilst driving. You probably also have your fair share of experiences with these type of drivers or you might actually be one yourself but nonetheless, here is the list below. The Danfo drivers: Without a [...]

    VW announces new TDI Clean Diesel for its 2015 models

      A somewhat ‘green’ move by Volkswagen in response to the ever pressing demands for fuel efficient cars is the introduction of a new diesel variant for the VW product line in America comprising of the Golf, Beetle, Passat and Jetta models. These new 150 bhp (111 kW) diesel vehicles will come powered by a [...]

    AMG and Aston Martin to seal Technical partnership agreement

    It is now official! Aston Martin and AMG earlier announced a “technical partnership” agreement which will be later sealed by the end of the year. As you will expect, Mercedes’ performance division (AMG) will focus on V8 engine development and give Aston Martin access to some of Mercedes’ electronic components and in return, Mercedes-Benz will [...]

    The VW Passat is 40!

    With over 20million units sold, the Volkswagen Passat model badge is celebrating its 40th anniversary after its introduction in May, 1973. This VW name badge which originally was designed by Giorgio Giugiaro has seven generations currently which is produced in Belgium, Spain, Brazil, Mexico, South Africa and Japan. The Volkswagen Passat is sold and marketed [...]

    2014 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG Unleashed

    As you may know, the AMG division of the Diamler family rolls out tuned and upgraded performance versions of stock Mercedes Benz cars for selected models. The official images and specifications of the 2014 Mercedes-Benz S63 AMG have been revealed. From online reviews we have gathered a quick overview of what comes with this German [...]

    DATSUN is back with a ‘GO’

    After 27years of hibernation, the DATSUN marque is back with a ‘GO’. Nissan Motor Company’s CEO Carlos Ghosn unveiled this compact hatchback at a showcase event in India. According to Nissan global, the all-new GO, will go on sale in India from early 2014 for as low as $6,700(approximately a million Naira). The small hatch [...]

    The 2014 Mazda3 Unveiled

    The images of the much anticipated 2014 Mazda3 sedan has finally been released. The more upscale re-design still maintains the Mazda tradition of sporty and elegant looks. The most deviating external features of this new Mazda3 from the current model are the new headlights and new grille design. In a nut-shell the all new Mazda3 [...]

    Re-Styled Hyundai Elantra by DC Design

      Looking for some styling ideas for your Hyundai Elantra? Here is a DC Design re-designed Elantra with new looks laced with a matte-black finish and red theme. The redesigned front grille with new air intakes (under the headlamps) might seem a bit off-limits for any local ‘panel’, however the honeycomb mesh finish can be gotten [...]

    World’s fastest Amphibious Vehicle

    Driving on land isn’t enough; at least not for the recently unveiled Panther which is produced by American company named WaterCar. The concept of amphibious vehicles isn’t new but what is thrilling about this particular dual-purpose vehicle is its speed both on land and water with top-speed of 80 mph on land and up to [...]

    Renault-Nissan new Modular Architecture

      As expected, the earlier merger of Renault and Nissan has begun yielding new babies as they announce a jointly developed common Module Family (CMF) vehicle architecture.  As a cost saving measure (new architecture will generate savings of up to 40 percent on the development of new models, and up to 30 percent on the manufacturing [...]

    The 2014 Toyota Corolla

    Much is expected from the 11th generation Toyota Corolla as the exiting model slowly bows out -not without the deserved applause!  The Toyota Corolla model stands out as the best-selling compact car in the United States of America and same could be said about this compact sedan here in Nigeria with impressive sales records. As [...]

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