• Funny things Nigerian motorist do to save money

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    As confirmed by several individuals I have engaged that reside outside Nigeria, our roads hold a real potential for a new niche which should be rightly termed as ‘road tourism’. There is hardly ever a dull moment whilst driving on Nigerian roads as you would be kept amazed by several stunning road acts. However, beyond these unusual motoring behavior collectively, there are a few underpinning funny acts and thought processes that are truly behind motoring trends in Nigeria.

    Below are some funny and unfunny motoring acts which are significantly aimed at driving costs down and spending less by Nigerian motorists.

    Studying police, VIO, FRSC and LASTMA movements and modus operandi: Ojota exit after 7up, Ogunnisi road (after grammar school bus-top Ojodu berger), Ojodu-berger bus-stop, Anthony bus-stop (close to Oshodi exit), the list goes on and on; rings a bell? Some Lagosians literally have in their heads the map of Lagos with markings of VIO,FRSC and LASTMA hot-spots; rather than invest in complete vehicle documents they will rather study the trends of the law enforcement officers. Some even make it a habit to leave early for work and return late at night to beat these law enforcement officers at their own game.

    Buying ‘Tokunbo’ tyres: this one beats me! Tyres take up road induced stresses and are subject to wear and tear, yet people go ahead to spend monies on non-retreaded used tyres. This particular funny act is not entirely funny as many lives can be as stake, but yet people still patronize these kind of tyre sellers. I don’t know who to blame; SON (standard organization of Nigeria) or the motoring mass?

    Complaining bitterly; yet sticking with economic mechanics and their sickening ideas: you know it is wrong to even try managing that vehicle component due for replacement, but you just seek that cunny backing from these guys whom you know very well are desperate to sniff out the littlest Naira notes from your pocket. Like I keep saying, Nigerians are largely responsible for the type of mechanics we have today because instead of encouraging these guys to think progressively, we fuel their economizing thoughts which come with consequences like poor service quality.

    Buying ‘Tokunbo’ cars and spare-parts with the notion that these cars and components are stronger: unfortunately most Nigerians have grown accustomed to the notion that imported 2nd hand products generally come with relatively better quality standards. This is hardly true in recent times, as some ‘fresh Tokunbo’ cars you will find today are freshly baked in Nigerian car spraying ovens; ever wondered why you see lots of imported and unregistered scraps being driven around Lagos roads especially at night? Also, car parts may be extracted from locally used vehicles or may be locally re-manufactured with no standards. Why not invest in new parts and cars with warranties after your exhaustive research?

    Living in low-budget areas with bad roads and buying expensive cars: the line of thinking of individuals like this may just be captured thus, ‘I don’t drive my home around with me’. Imagine owning a 2013 Toyota Camry and living in an area that frustrates even Mack trucks during intense rainfall?!

    Reducing fan speed to minimize fuel consumption during A/C(air-conditioner) operation: Once your A/C is on, your compressor is engaged and engine load is increased. It is this increment in engine load that leads to the higher fuel consumption you may experience. Altering fan-speed in no way affects fuel consumption; it may speed up use of your refrigerant by a little fraction, but it doesn’t affect fuel consumption.

    Picking up officers to avoid penalties: I was in a danfo bus a few months ago and right in the front seat was a F.R.S.C official who sat beside a driver that was busy climbing all the pavements, driving on all possible road shoulders and literally flaunting the fundamental rules of sensible driving. Clearly because the official who was tagged as a ‘staff’ didn’t pay the fare for the trip; hence, wasn’t obliged or in a position to take punitive actions against the danfo driver. The funny irony here is a few months down the line if the same official is on duty along the road, he will chase the same driver for the same offence he overlooked right under his nose.

    Are you guilty of committing any of these funny acts? Share your thoughts and stop clowning!


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