• High-end cars with disturbing sounds

    Posted on: September 22nd, 2012 by admin 1 Comment


    The ultimate motive behind procuring a high-end car is added luxury. Relatively more expensive cars provide better occupant luxury, protection and as expected, with powerful engines owing to more ‘horses’ trapped under the bonnet. The prowling engine sounds made by these vehicles in motion can be really hard to miss, but these days, these supposedly ego boosting sounds are in most cases regrettably accompanied by clanking metal-metal contact sounds from underneath these cars. Without a doubt, these are point blank cases of bad suspension/steering components begging to replaced.
    The funny thing about components under these high-end cars is that they are heavier, with wider cross-sectional areas; so when they get bad, they sound the loudest. That aside, there are some very ridiculous cases where owners of high end cars with air-suspension or more sophisticated automated hydraulic systems suggest and literally force their mechanics to down-grade these better suspension make-ups for cheaper and more easily maintainable purely mechanical spring/shock-absorbers or strut assemblies.
    Many say SUVs are perfect for Nigerians roads due to elevated ground clearance and better suspension; but that doesn’t mean these components will continually remain rigid and optimally functional as your mileage clocks even higher.
    So the question I am asking here is why spend so much to buy a car and yet shy away from the added maintenance needs? Personally I think it is due to ignorance or misinformation at the time of purchase and the deep trenching need to show-off, what do you think?

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    1. Sorelle says:

      where I live there are no good alignment shops i paid a place 1800 to cltolempy redo the front end suspension ( new bushings and aligment) when i got the car and new good years on it .the good years had massive wear and tear on the inside tread soo its got negative camber ..I was going to complain but whats the point ? I’m just a punk kid to them they wouldn’t listen but yah i susribed

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