• How to make your car age quickly

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    Buy and later investigate: This is a classic case of putting the cart before the horse, which also can be seen as the first and easiest way to create a solid path to wrecking your car as quickly as possible. As observed over time, suddenly experiencing normal car issues that demand spendings unusual to you- which you probably never bargained for -can lead to frustration and anger; in the midst of all these overwhelming emotions, your car continually suffers. It’s very much advisable to take out time to get the facts about a car you might be interested in, some offers might be tempting, but unknown to you, as a result of underlying reasons you might not have access to without digging deep. Most Nigerians are lazy when it comes to investigating, as they rather would stick with a popular choice, but at the end of the day some might be dissatisfied. Some cases might be tricky even with a popular brand in mind, but the facts don’t lie.

    Be bumps friendly: One major advantage of the modern monocoque body shell-widely used in modern passenger cars- is its enhanced rigidity, but just like any other chassis, it has an enemy which is-repeated impact. Impacts primarily affect the suspension system, then goes further to induce vibrations and a combination of these two conditions repeatedly in play will make your car age very quickly. In most cases, bumps are quite inevitable, but as our basic physics will have it, the impact (force) is dependent on the mass of the entire vehicle or affected area (depending) and the acceleration of the vehicle. In simple terms, if you can’t avoid bumps, approach such with the lowest possible speed; it will save your car.

    Driving carefully: Countless posters, signboards and even ‘word of mouth’ continually hammer on the need to drive carefully to arrive alive-but in most cases, as our societal flaws will have it, driving carefully is never enough. I have witnessed careful drivers begin a journey with their fully functional cars and ending up being dragged by towing vans in bits and pieces; what point am I trying to make? Drive defensively! Defensive driving covers a wider scope with these two basic underpins- heightened sensitivity and anticipation whilst behind the wheel.

    Rusty Old CarFixing your car only when it is ‘broke’: As far as automobiles are concerned, a basic rule that applies to both electrical and mechanical systems/components is that before any problem becomes glaring, it already is a problem-in most cases- to other associated car areas. But unfortunately, the ‘if it ain’t broke don’t fix it’ individual will just focus on the glaring problem without accounting for the created problem (which might be inefficiencies and chain problems which can be directly linked with the primary problem) . Maintaining your car properly and extending component life depends a whole lot on well timed repairs and basic maintenance which involves: regular oil change, maintaining your transmission system, monitoring key fluids, changing plugs/timing belt/other engine components like filters, hoses, other belts etc. A clear example I witnessed a few days ago was how a ruptured timing belt stalled a Peugeot coupe, this incurred extra spending on towing and labour cost(due to the urgency); you can only imagine how much the engine life span has been shortened by that act of negligence.

    Hardly washing, never waxing: Asides beatification and aesthetic reasons, washing your car regularly with the right reagents can help to fight rust and avoidable attacks on your paintjob. But to achieve a protective layer against these two(rust and attacks), you need to consider waxing your car at least once a year. Mud and dirt are well known enemies of your car body’s appearance, hence the need to be extra cautious and proactive in protecting your car body.

    Pushing your car to the limit: Overloading is illegal! A typical Nigerian interstate swing is never without witnessing several rear ends of cars almost kissing the black asphalt surface and inducing very high drag and lift aerodynamic forces. The same applies to your normal day to day shuttle when you use your passenger car to run errands which involve carrying very heavy objects from one point to another. You don’t need to be told how much such weight take a toll on your car over these distances, the issue is for how long do your expect your car to keep bearing these weights without yielding?

    Parking as you like: where you park your car matters a great deal and how you park it matters even more. Why this factor had to be included on this list is because this might be one factor that most might even fail to consider as a potential cause of problems for their cars. In choosing where to park your car, account for factors like security, protection from natural factors, etc.

    Using water only for your radiator: The cooling system is very critical to a typical engine, as it maintains favourable operating temperatures as this electromechanical unit produces power with low efficiency (below 30%) whilst giving off loses as heat. What this means is that cooling inefficiency can be directly linked with the general engine efficiency. Using water alone in radiators reduces cooling efficiency and effectiveness and even goes further to impede engine material quality-which is anything but good when extended engine life is concerned. Hence, use coolants proportionately with water for your radiator fluid which travels through engine jackets.

    Shoving aside your maintenance manual: I was very impressed when my uncle who recently acquired a Honda accord 2004 told me some manufacturer specific needs of his car, I went further to ask where he was lucky to have found such a knowledgeable and skilled mechanic. But he went further to say this; ‘I don’t want to hear stories with this my new car, everything must be according to the manual which is right inside the glove-box’. If you are still in doubt, let me quickly affirm that he is an average Nigerian who doesn’t like reading that much, but when it came to this his car, he made out time to procure this important document and read through it as well. One of the reasons am confident his vehicle will last is because I am sure he most likely will fall back to his car manual in any moment of despair; besides the manufacturers made the car; who can possibly know more about the car?

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