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    Rule1: Don’t inconvenience other road users by obstructing free flow of traffic. The world doesn’t revolve around you; by intentionally blocking the road, neither do you achieve drawing sympathy to your situation nor showcase the severity of your scuffle. It only simply shows how desperate you are, unless the level of impact totally renders your car immobile, be sensible and considerate enough to pull over and safely park your vehicle away from the road.

    Rule2: Always have it in mind that it is your car that was hit; not you.

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    Rule3: Take charge of the situation and act as calmly as possible, even if you normally stammer while talking. However there might be cases where the incident would have been totally avoided and probably before the impact you issued several warnings. But no matter the build-up to the incident, always separate emotions. The key is to stay objective. In the process of attempting to take charge of the situation, you somehow easily convince the ailing party that he/she is at fault.

    Rule4: The more tempers flaring, the more time spent to land on a concrete agreement. This rule is a follow-up of the rule3; endeavour to rationalize your statements and don’t forget that you are trying to get enough money from the individual to fix your car! In an unreasonable height of fury, you might even miss a glaring chain effect owing to the impact and concentrate only on the obvious damage. For insurance purposes, take note details of the vehicle that hit you and at least get a hand full of witnesses to back your claim.

    Rule5: Finally, be assertive and don’t sulk! The affected party isn’t doing you a favour by rightly paying for his/her mistake. Stay open and be reasonably agreeable. You can even suggest confirming prices of the affected body parts from sources suggested by both parties.

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