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    Funny things Nigerian motorist do to save money

    As confirmed by several individuals I have engaged that reside outside Nigeria, our roads hold a real potential for a new niche which should be rightly termed as ‘road tourism’. There is hardly ever a dull moment whilst driving on Nigerian roads as you would be kept amazed by several stunning road acts. However, beyond [...]

    Motoring Essentials Nigeria (Volume 1)

    Do you know your driving and maintenance basics well? You don’t need to be an encyclopedia of all the technical jargons with regards to automobiles for you to adequately take care of your car. All you really need are basic details to forestall vehicle breakdown and significantly cut down expenses in the course of owning [...]

    Criminalizing poor vehicle Maintenance Attitude

    Just last week, I witnessed a commercial Mazda bus’ left rear tyre pull off from the wheel hub assembly; fortunately, the vehicle wasn’t moving too quickly at approximately 50-60km/hr and the bus headed towards the right end of the bridge till it came to a halt owing to the tremendous frictional force between the brake [...]

    Top 12 Pennywise-Pound-foolish Car practices

    Image credit: thefiscaltimes If not for the popularity of the above idiom, the topic best suited for this article happens to be ‘Top 12 Kobowise-Naira-foolish car practices’; but either way, what this article is about is simply stating a few odd practices most motorist indulge in with the intention of making huge savings. However in reality, [...]

    5 Kinds Nigerian Drivers to keep off!

      Do you drive in Nigeria? Here is a quick download of the various kinds of drivers to keep off whilst driving. You probably also have your fair share of experiences with these type of drivers or you might actually be one yourself but nonetheless, here is the list below. The Danfo drivers: Without a [...]

    7 Smart Driving tips

    You know that sensation when you feel you would have done it better than he/she did? Or maybe you feel grossly dissatisfied even when everyone else feels you are getting it right? That’s your ‘smart’ gene at work! Everybody might be driving and getting from one point to the other; but how does one optimize [...]

    How Nigerians are responsible for Road damage

    It’s always very easy and maybe fun filled to throw all the blame on the Nigerian government when it comes to the state of Nigerian roads even when we share part of the blame as well. Most roads are built to last for 25years or slightly more depending on the quality of materials used and the accompanying road attributes like adequate drainage and [...]

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