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    sunlight 101 for car owners

    Having to deal with the intensity of sunlight here in Africa is inevitable. When it comes to vehicles and driving under intense sunlight, there are a few suggestions which can be handy in making our God-given sunlight less of a worry. In several cases intense sunlight -which seems to have gotten more critical of very recent- has to be managed; below are the clear cut tips on how to go about this:

    Whilst Driving:

    Ever had the awful experience of sun rays sharply piercing through your windshield and falling unto your eyes whilst driving? Then you’ll affirm that moments after then, your eye-balls might feel a bit heavier and not to mention the few minutes of distraction and/or temporal loss of vision which could have led to something worse-assuming I didn’t get any worse.

    So what point am I trying to make here? Is it the fact that one shouldn’t drive during periods of intense sunlight? Not exactly, as there are tested ways to forestall this extra and totally avoidable stress due to the existence of our dear ‘sun’.

    You could employ the use of the commonly pre-installed Internal sun-visor and if that doesn’t get the job done, you could take it up a notch by installing external (windshield strips) sun visors which are specially  created to abate such effects when driving ideally on levelled surfaces and even off-road. Another quick way to solve the issue of sunlight penetration is tinting the upper portions of the windshield or simply getting your ‘swag on’ by putting on sun shades (spectacles).


    For extended parking

    Like I clearly earlier stated in one of my articles; ‘sunlight is never our enemy, even when it gets real intense’. Also one sure thing is the fact that our even most treasured vehicles will age and this process isn’t without a little or great help from sunlight and its many ripple effects.

    One quick way to spot a car that has been driven here in Nigeria for a while is to examine the dashboard fascia for cracks or odd discolouration. If you notice either of the two or both conditions, you most likely have an old vehicle right in front of you; this condition is accelerated by careless exposure of cars to intense sunlight for an extended time frame.

    So how can car owners effectively control aging of car interior components? There are adverse effects associated with exposure of car interior components; an example is the speculative emission of benzene from dashboards. One way around this is using wind-screen shields which can easily be clipped on the inside when you know that where you are parking is prone to intense sunlight.

    image credit : www.roadsafetygb.org.uk

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