• What Women need to know about their Cars

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    Women’s greatest fear behind the wheel may just happen to be the blaring horns of heavy trucks trying to find their way past other motorist, but in reality this should be the least worry of the average lady folk that owns and drives her vehicle. There are several other aspects women need to pay more attention to like swapping those CV-joints when broken to avoid being stranded in the middle of the express (when your front wheel drive is totally disabled) or servicing engines when due. Basically women need to give ears to the concerns of their cars and get actively involved.


    This can be achieved by first knowing a few valuable points about your car, how it should be treated and advantages you have as a lady driver. Being a female driver has it perks but women need to understand that a car is a responsibility and a liability. Below are a few pointers to help you become a better female driver.

    Have your digital gauge handy: You don’t want to encounter flat tyres, hence, you need to be very consistent in monitoring your tyres. Asides pressure checks endeavour to examine the physical state of your tyres. But if your tyre gets flat along the road, be calm and simply play nice; don’t act as if it’s a taboo for a lady to get a little dirty; if you find a helping hand, assist in every way possible and cheer your hero at that moment.

    Your car is your responsibility: take part in documenting, choosing the right mechanic, taking maintenance schedules seriously and most importantly; drive with care.

    Get involved or get ripped off: if any mechanic is unco-operative steer clear such; it’s that simple! Auto-mechanics feel women are much easier to take advantage of and unfortunately in most cases they do. The only way out of this is taking out time to choose a good mechanic preferably within your proximity, ask the right questions and seek the best solutions.

    Your Car isn’t an accessory: so don’t pet it too much! Hit the freeway every once in a while and dare to overtake those intimidating trucks without a care. Driving along expressways with speeds above 100km/hr for an extended time-frame fosters hydrodynamic lubrication which is good for your moving engine parts.

    Don’t be on the wrong side of the law: women or lady drivers are generally perceived to be more careful drivers and this singular factor keeps them at the bottom of most law enforcement officers’ prey-list. Nonetheless, this shouldn’t be an excuse to abuse this privilege.

    Be a D-I-Yer: pick up interest in at least one DIY (do-it yourself) automobile practice. In as much as the D-I-Y curve has declined over the years owing to manufacturing complexities, it’s advisable that women find passion in at least an area of taking care of their vehicles. This goes a long way in grooming a sense of responsibility and improved interest in motoring affairs besides, here in Nigeria we have successful female mechanics like Sandra Ekperouh, hence, getting your palms a little greasy isn’t an impossible feat. Areas worth considering are wheel rotation, brake pad swapping, detailing/carwash, oil/filter changing etc.

    Be extra safety conscious: thieves and robbers perceive women as easy targets-in most cases they are. Be very wary of hawkers especially at night and stay vigilant. Avoid putting yourself in a compromising position and avoid flashing your gadgets even when you are not in the car; this equally applies to the male folks.

    Emerge above the mediocre curve: surprise your mechanic with a few auto-vocabulary and you can be sure to earn even a quarter of his/her respect. With that said, women need to embrace their vehicle manual which shouldn’t be perceived as yet another boring secondary school textbook you can sure do without.

    Give your car a girly touch: much as there might be a few disadvantages making it glaring that your vehicle is a mobile female territory, it’s always worthwhile creating a female-themed interior or choosing girly paint-jobs etc. Some of the perks you are bound to enjoy are; male drivers being more tolerant, having it much easy with law enforcing officers and generally driving with relatively lower stress levels owing to your glaring identity. Being a lady rocks all the time I guess!

    Take advantage of the relative higher re-sale value of your car: finally when you have to part ways with your car, announce your presence during the transactions and be involved as much as you can. Here in  Nigeria, most salesmen into trading-in and re-selling of locally used cars would gladly lie about the ownership of the vehicles they are trying to sell because of the ease of marketing vehicles used by women which are generally assumed to be neatly and more carefully used.

    Take advantage of these few nuggets and become a better female driver.

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      this article is kind of sexist. think about it.

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